I am watching the whole world from various belief :

the christians
the jews
the non Muslims

standing in solidarity for Gaza….

some non Muslim friends are running food-pack aid for Gaza citizens

You will be surprised how much they care and act fastly towards this issue

Please keep on sharing

Gaza really need us

FYI israeli doesnt kill the Palestinians because they are Muslim

but they (the israeli) kill them in order to wipe off any non-zionist people from the land (they believe palestine is the promised land from ALLAH to them)

that is why they continously killing the Gaza citizens and attacking/killing children and women.

if you think its because of Gaza is a Muslim territory, you are wrong

if you are a non zionist caucasian / asian / malay / chinese / indian /arab and you reside in palestine, the israeli will still kill you and wipe-off your entire family from the land

according to the zionist, those who are non zionist is just an animal as same as cows,chickens, pigs and doesnt have the right to live in this world!


May this enlightenment open your eyes and make you realize what actually israel/zionist issue is all about….


Please spread the knowledge so that the non-Muslim in Malaysia get a proper information about this issue. Help people to get helped and to be helped.

Will write the Bahasa Malaysia version soon.

Meanwhile, selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all my blog readers….