Comeynya anak ibu masa kecik,sekarang dah besar hensem, soleh dan bijak bistari. Ibu pula sekarang ni ialah Pengedar Vivix Shaklee and Stokis Vivix Shaklee when you grow up

ABC Session
Bathing in basin – location : mommy’s kitchen
p/s please ignore the messy background..huhu..
Kauthar eating Chinese Pear aka buah Lai. See how he tried to grab the whole fruit,he refused to eat the sliced ones. Padahal gigi baru 4 batang time tu.
Kauthar in Pakcik Jamil’s room. This photo was taken after Pakcik completed his Isyak prayer and Kauthar also wanted to pray along but instead of praying, he played hide-and-seek at Pakcik’s leg. Kacau orang solat, berdosa tau.
Kauthar with his fav cat-GOLEO-he really likes to massage this cat. I never allow him to do so…i am so afraid of the possibility of getting toxemia from cat.
Yeay mommy is not around..i can touch this cat now.
Unfortunately, mommy appears out of the blue,carrying a long cane in her i should stay away from GOLEO..huhu..
Kauthar having lunch. See those rice seeds on his chin. He doesnt like to have porridge, he prefers to have the seeds rice-beras butir macam yg kita makan tu- served with spinach and steamed fish. I tought him not to have chicken so often.

Kauthar with Maksu having an evening walk in the park. Maksu is currently his best friend.Everyday he will spend at least two hours playing with Maksu.