A series of symptoms..
I can’t remember the exact date and day of the first time when i noticed of you in my womb. But the most obvious thing i noticed is my health turns from 10 to 1.. i.e : i became very very ill :: i can’t even eat, can’t sit or lay down under fan, can’t even smell any food, i felt really hard to breathe, felt extremely lazy (hehe…i’d prefer to sleep all the time-but how could i do that?).
A week later the symptoms became worse, i felt bloated as my belly was about to blow out..huhu..sounds terrifying isn’t?eating has became the most hated thing to me.i really hate food,except for fruits and fluids.and finally the worst part came::the constipation followed those ‘terryfied’ series of symptoms.i felt like to pass out thing but even after 2 hours on the bowl,nothing came out..waaaaa…thats really horrible.i took almost every laxative that is available in the first aid box,unfortunately nothing works.i tried the traditional(and most effective way to be found)way::drink a lotttttsss of water(plain water,mineral water,evian,even air zam-zam) and syukur alhamdulillah this works on me.
My weird appetite
I haven’t had rice and other carbo based-meal for nearly two weeks after those illness symptoms. I only had grapes and soy milk for those weeks. One day i asked ayah to bring me to Sunway Pyramid, suddenly i craved for fruits at a fruit stall inside the mall. When i reached there..nah..i went straight to the stall and bought some sliced mangoes with rojak dressing..yummy yummy,(dah tak toleh kiri kanan dah time tuh…makan sampai org yg lalu sume tengok..hihihi),i remembered that me and ayah sat on a bench nearby Aunty Anne’s stall.after finishing the mangoes(without even offering ayah to have a bite..)i asked ayah to get a pretzel at aunty anne’s..huhu what an appetite..suddenly i became like nak makan ape aje yang bole..hehe..
First time checkup
After those series of symptoms, i still unaware of your presence inside me.
After discovered having so much changes on health, i decided to told ayah about my illnesses. I don’t want to make he feel worry about me since we were just married and his carreer was just begin with KIMB. After telling him about it, he brought me to Az-Zahrah. Personally i had’t thought of those illnesses as a signal from you inside my womb. I thought that i may get any serious disease like cancer(na’uzu biLLAHi min zalik), but truthfully i really did not expect that i got pregnant. Moreover, i am a PCOS patient, since at early of marriage, my gynae has already consulted me and ayah about tha difficulty of getting pregnant due to my PCOS. So when i missed my period for more that 4 weeks,that is not a weird thing to me since it often happened. However that moment when i told everything that i had to the gynae, she asked me to have a UPT-urine pregnancy test.I totally refused to do so,because i knew that the result would be negative and i will get frustrated(of course la..every woman wants to become a mother when getting married).So the gynae said “Ok lets have an ultrasound. Maybe we can find whats wrong inside”. I agreed her and gonethrough the ultrasound. Guess what,i really hope to see a baby at the screen,but i didn’t mention it…i just stay silent. Suddenly the gynae said “look who’s there,theres a baby in here..Mr.Baby is swimming..” and i saw it clearly as well..you are there,swimming in my womb..and i felt a hot drops cameout from my eyes..i was extremely happy…i still can feel the happuness of seeing you for the first time until today. You are the most valueable ‘gem’ that i ever had in life. The moment since i knew your presence until today(you’re already 13months old when i write this post) is the happiest and brightest day of my life. Thank you sayang for coming into my life,i lovvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you soooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Ibu is Pengedar Vivix Shaklee and Stokis Vivix Shaklee when you grow up