On 20 December 2008 we had a family gathering for family of Rafidah binti Yeop (the great grand mother of Arif Kauthar and Aisyah Mardhiyyah,mommy’s grandma on her mom’s side.)We have had a wonderful moments there,.Meanwhile mommy still cannot resist to feel upset since the family gathering was held 2 weeks after our beloved Oyang demised on 9 December.We are still cannot accept that Oyang has demised but for everyone’s good,life must go on and should be better than before.

Day 1 – 20 December

There were lots of happy moments during the gathering especially for Arif Kauthar.The most unforgettable moment was when the boat that we ride on with another 6 family members broke down on the sea,the boat engine hit a coral reef and it went off about 2KM from the seashore!!Mommy was really cool at first 20 minutes but turned panic when the boat cannot be started 30minutes after,while Aisyah was left at the sea shore with Wah.Only me,mommy and Kauthar was on the boat with other family members.Aisyah was left with Wah since to bring her along,she cannot wear the life jacket :).Mommy was panicked,she afraid that Aisyah will cry for milk while her milk was far away on the sea…huhuhu.Arif Kauthar fall asleep 5 minutes after the boat stopped,thats good because he didnt feel the panick environment on the boat.Things worsen when none of us bring handphone on the ride.Luckily there was a fisherman’s boat saw us stucked there and he called for a tow-boat..hahaha!!Imagine a boat towed by another boat.However that precious moment hasn’t been recorded none snapped since there was no one bring HP nor digicam.Too bad..Alhamdulillah we safely being brought to the shore.Many of our family members whom their hubby@wifey was on the boat waiting at the shore with suspense.

We finally reached the shore during the sunset…we stucked on the boat for 1.5 hours

Another thing was about our brilliant son Arif Kauthar.He refused to get into the sea,he cried so loud untill his face turned red.

Arif Kauthar refused to enter the sea water

That was quite strange because he actually loves swimming ,however that is the first time he swims at the sea.All this while he swimmed at the swimming pool.

Arif Kauthar penat lepas tantrum takmo masuk dalam air..

At night,mommy turned a bit unhealthy,she claimed that she is having ocean-sickness when the boat stucked on the sea.She vomits and refused to eat(just like the early trimester of pregnancy-oopss we still didn’t perform the UPT to confirm this..)

Mommy at that night before she turns nauseous

Aisyah with Tok Nek(her great-grandmother).She wasnt asleep but she blinked her eye during the cam flash


Arif Kauthar with his beloved Makngah.


Before we went to sleep..Aisyah tengah nak susu tu.

DAY 2 – 21 December

USRATINA-at the morning of the 2nd day.Sume tunggu turn nak mandi

After having a morning bath at the sea,we planned to go to the Ostrich Farm.Here are some piccas of our visit to the PD OSTRICH PARK .We tried the ostrich satay,its delicious :)

Sebenarnya nak bergambar close-up dengan ostrich tu tapi ostrich tu active asik jalan je..

A non-professional handwork..ostrich tak pandang cam pun gi snap gaks..

After having lunch we return to the bungalow and have a nap.At the evening once again we tried to bring Kauthar into the sea water.Unlike the day before,he willingly entered the water but this time he doesnt wear the life jacket,he wears the regular float plus the arms float.We left him with his Makngah and his other aunties while we(me and mommy) had the canoe activity.

Kauthar loves swimming :)

Mommy,Me,Kauthar,Aunt Shamsiah,Syuhada and Syazwan

Mommy is an expert canoe rider,she canoes since 14 years old.That day she was the one who taught her uncles and cousins on the correct way to canoe.

Canoe with love :).See there Kauthar was swimming with his auties

Canoe race with mommy’s uncle-we had a little accident but we didnt turn upside down.

The far canoe – me and mommy, the close-to-shore canoe : mommy’s uncle and cousin.They surrendered after the accident.

Continue canoeing with mommy :)

At night we had a barbecue lead by mommy’s cousin.He prepared some delicacies for all family members.However Arif Kauthar already fall asleep at 8pm so he didnt participate the barbecue session.

The uncles showing skills on barbecue.The result was excellent :)

Preparing the barbecue’s stuff…..look at Wah(Wah jaga Ibukauthar sejak umo 6moth old sampai 8 thn) and Syazwan(The closest cousin)


DAY 3 – 22 December

The last day of gathering.We headed to KL at 10am,convoyed with another 6 cars.Everyone was having a very good time in those short moment.We planned to held a 2009 gathering in Pangkor Laut.
Ibu is Pengedar Vivix Shaklee and Stokis Vivix Shaklee when you grow up